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The Important Role Of Bail Bonds In The Criminal Justice System

Chances are high you have heard the phrase bail bonds. Most of us aren’t expected to deal with bail bonds in our day-to-day activities but the likelihood is high that you’ve heard it mentioned in movies, or you’ve probably seen a posted sign around with the term printed. Bail bonds are in every city in Los Angeles. There are bail bonds in Hollywood, along with Van Nuys bail bonds. Discover the role bail bonds play in the criminal justice system of the United States.

In most average criminal arrests, a person who has recently been arrested will need to post bail in order to obtain freedom while waiting for his or her trial to being. While this is indeed the general rule, exceptions also exist.

First of all, not everyone who has been arrested will be put inside a jail cell. For numerous minor crimes, the cops will give out a ticket instead. When minor traffic laws are violated, for example, this is a common minor offense that leads to a citation.

In the event that a person is arrested and placed inside a jail cell, the first thing that person will want to know is how much bail money he will need to put up in order to get out of jail. For situations involving lesser crimes like misdemeanors, the bail amount is a standard amount that he or she can post, or a third party is also allowed to post said amount.

In cases, however, that involve multiple offenses or felonies, it’s usual for a judge to have to set the amount of bail. In these cases, the person arrested will have to stay behind bars until a hearing is scheduled. The amount of the bail is typically then set to an amount needed to make sure the accused will show up in court. The greater the crime committed, the greater the amount for bail will be set.

If the person arrested can’t put up the bail amount, they have the option of buying a bail bond from a trusted place like Bail Man Bail Bonds. This is typically accomplished by the work of a bail bondsman, and he will post bail for the offender and get paid for it. This will ensure the offender gets out of jail quickly and for people who don’t have the money, the services of a bail bondsman is very useful indeed.

The experience of being arrested and being locked up behind bars is not just harrowing for the offender, but their family too will suffer. By working with a reputable business like Bail Man Bail Bonds, you can make the situation less stressful and concentrate instead on fixing the problems away from jail and in the company of your family.

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