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Different Kind Of Aquariums.

Even though a majority of the aquariums are used to keep fish, not all of them are used for the marine animals. Aquatic plants aquariums also exist and they are also attractive. Aquariums can be improvised from a dish bowl. In choosing a fish bowl, it should be one that is big enough. Some of the requirements include a small net and two, one gallon bottles of unionized drinking water. Using tap water is not safe for fish. Treated water is also not safe. Floating fish food is also vital for feeding the fish. One requires to fill the fish bowl with water and then cover it with a plastic cover, in setting up the aquarium. Covering is important because it prevents fish from getting out of the bowl or another animal or object getting in. The water in the bowl should be replaced every week. If tap water is to be used, it should be deionized before being put in to the bowl. By using water conditioner on bottled water, water that provides the right conditions for the fish can be obtained. It is then left for three days before it can be used.

The other type is the cool water aquarium. These types of aquariums do not require heaters since they operate at the normal room temparatures. Installing such aquarium requires one to have an aquarium, aquarium stand and its cover. Additionally, one needs to have a five inch fish net, fish food and water conditioner. However, it is important reading the instructions contained in the aquarium and the water conditioner. The aquarium should be running for about three days before any fish can be placed inside Only one fish should be added at a time and it should take three weeks before one fish and another. Each gallon of water should be calculated to carry a one foot fish. This helps avoid overcrowding for the fish.

Another type of aquarium is a warm water aquarium. To maintain this type of aquarium, one requires some skills. When coming up with the structure, one needs an aquarium, aquarium cover, a stand and a power filter with BIO-wheel. A water conditioner and fish net of about 5 inch are also a requirement. In addition, floating flake fish food are vital together with dried blood worms for feeding the fish.

One can also decide to also have a betta fish vase aquarium. Its is often said that those who have betta fish vase aquariums can maintain their fish by feeding lily roots alone. This should not be the case since the fish eats the roots for lack of better food. The fish should be fed on floating food and dried blood worms.