I Chose Directv Because It is the Best

When I moved to my new house this past summer, I knew that I wanted to get Directv without even seeing what was available on the local front. I have had satellite TV before, and I have had cable as well. For me, satellite TV is the clear winner in all ways. I know that there is a possibility that signal will be lost in a huge storm, but that has never happened to me in the past and I have been through some doozies already. For me, there are just so many reasons to have wanted Directv over any other option.

The programming is top notch, and I like how they organize their packages. I can get everything I want in a package that is affordable, but that is not even the best part. Cost is definitely important, but I would pay more if it meant I was not getting what I wanted. I also get all of the movie channels for free for three months. I am probably going to subscribe to all four movie packages, but I do like the idea of getting them free for the first few months.

Even getting something for free that I definitely want is not the best part. For me, the reason it has to be Directv and not another TV provider is because of the Sunday Ticket. When I moved from New York, I not only left some of my family and friends behind. I also left my New York Jets. They may not be the best team every year, but I love them regardless. I had no problem seeing their games before because I was in the market area, but I moved 400 miles away. The only way to see every game from my new home is with the Sunday Ticket, and I get that for free for the first year too. Is it any wonder I chose them?