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Life After Retirement for the Baby Boomers

Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, will soon retire. Those in this age bracket have several regrets in life and not travelling more is one of them. Some prioritized expenses such as buying houses and cars while most of them could not travel due to work responsibilities. Many baby boomers did not also begin saving on time and some did not also save properly since they did not know how much they would need after retirement. Some also wish they worked more, for satisfaction and not for the money. Baby boomers are passionate about their jobs and they enjoy serving people; hence, most are likely to get back to the workforce as consultants. Other than finding a sense of purpose, work keep them physically fit, and mentally sharp as they have a good reflection on life.

However, a life without regrets is a life not lived; hopefully, this can offer some consolation. After retirement, baby boomers will begin another life, they enter another phase and since they have been cautious about their health, baby boomers are expected to live longer than previous generations. They can travel more since they do not have to worry about buying houses and cars, and they do not work anymore; it is a great opportunity to do all the things they regret not doing.

Baby boomers do not have to worry over depleting their retirement money; they do not have to worry about their savings. Worrying only reduces the chances of being happy. Since they have spent most of their lives taking care of bills, educating their children and investing, it is time to spend money on fun. Do not be afraid to use your retirement money on activities that make you happy, it is time for baby boomers to treat themselves. For anyone estranged from their family, retirement can be lonely. Hence, retirement should be a time to re-evaluate your relationship since with family by your side, you enjoy retirement. Relocating is also a viable option since you can engage new activities, make new friends and visit new places.

For you to be happy in retirement, you have to be healthy. As compared to those who are in poor or fair health, retirees who are in good, very good and excellent health find more satisfaction in their retirement. As compared to leisure spending or good relationships, a good health status is more likely to bring more contentment. Healthy eating, sleeping well and laying often, can guarantee a smooth retirement. In retirement, baby boomers should also discover their passions, those they had when they were younger but stopped doing them due to work and other responsibilities. This the time to take music, painting, instrument playing or even dancing classes. Some words of wisdom for the baby boomers, ‘do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.’