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E20-340 Assessment Dumps

Question: 1

What do moves 0_0_0 to 0_0_4 within a CX4 contain?

Some sort of. FLARE and burial container

B. Linux OS IN THIS HANDSET and metadata

J. DART and burial container

D. Enginuity together with metadata

Answer: Some sort of

Question: 2

What exactly is a characteristic of disk-drive Rewrite Down?

A. Spin Down should be available on CX4.

M. Drives 0-4 meet the criteria for Spin Off.

C. Drive Spin Down is accessible for thin LUNs.

Debbie. Drive Spin Down is accessible for all moves.

Answer: A

Issue: 3

What is maximum number of disk drives that could be configured in a pool for a CX4-480?

A. 475

M. 16

C. 480

Debbie. 32

Answer: Some sort of

Question: 4

Litigant currently has several CLARiiON arrays put in. They would that you to implement ESRS.

What monitoring environment can be a prerequisite for investing in ESRS?

A. Centralized Overseeing

B. Distributed Overseeing

C. Storage Model Email Monitoring

Debbie. Host Based SNMP Overseeing

Answer: A

Issue: 5

A customer wishes to configure NTP applying Unisphere. What is a minimum polling time period

allowed for NTP?

Some sort of. 30 minutes

M. 60 minutes

J. 15 minutes

Debbie. 10 minutes

Option: A

Question: 6

Precisely what communication protocol will do Unisphere use?

Some sort of. SSL




Option: A

Question: 7

Litigant has a CX4 series CLARiiON and it is experiencing a issue with SP

Some sort of. Upon arrival

you notice that SPA Fault DIRECTED is amber and flashing for a price of four times a 2nd.

What is that boot state with SPA?

A. ARTICLE Starting OS

M. OS Booted

J. Executing BIOS

Debbie. FLARE Driver Comprehensive

Answer: A

Issue: 8

Refer to your exhibit.

What is a correct order in the management module ingredients?

A. A-GbE Product LAN; B-GbE Direction LAN; C-Service Vent out COM1; D-SPS Vent out COM2; ENMI


B. A-GbE Direction LAN; B-GbE Product LAN; C-Service Vent out COM1; D-SPS Vent out COM2; ENMI


C. A-SPS Vent out COM2; B-NMI Switch; C-Service Port COM1; D-GbE Product LAN; E-GbE

Direction LAN

D. A-GbE Product LAN; B-GbE Direction LAN; C-SPS Vent out COM2; D-Service Vent out COM1; EEMC

NMI Switch

Answer: A

Issue: 9

Which proclamation accurately describes DAE3P enclosures?

Some sort of. Supported on CX3 together with CX4 series arrays

M. Support the two Gb/s LCC card account

C. Contain fifteen disk drives

Debbie. Support FC, ATA, Whizz drives, and SATA-II moves

Answer: A

Issue: 10

How many front-end ports are necessary to provide failover concerning SPs for six direct-attached

hosts for a CX4?

A. 06

B. 8

J. 4

D. two

Answer: A

Issue: 11

A customer has installed an alternative CX4 and is usually using ALUA SCSI communications which includes a Windows

2008 server together with PowerPath.

The server is usually using two LUNs relating to the array and maybe they are both owned just by SP

A. Which often statement

describes how I/O is handled each time a host has a few paths to just about every SP, and there are actually no faults from this


A. I/O will flow to your owning SP above the optimal paths.

M. I/O will move to each SP together with load balance just about all paths.

C. I/O will flow on merely one path to each SP even though multiple paths are generally defined.

D. I/O flows to your owning SP and will use that CMI bus with regard to additional I/O.

Option: A

Question: 12

What connectivity rules ought to be applied when establishing storage processor direction ports

on some sort of CX4?

A. Both ports must be on a single subnet.

B. Both ports ought to be connected via PET 5 cabling.

J. Both ports ought to be connected via 10/100 Ethernet.

Debbie. Both ports ought to be directly connected to your host.

Answer: Some sort of

Question: 13

Consult the exhibit.

Which port contains a fixed IP together with subnet mask?

Some sort of. A

B. M

C. C

Debbie. D

E. I

Answer: A

Issue: 14

Refer to your exhibit.

Which vent out is configured at the time of array initialization?

Some sort of. A

B. M

C. C

Debbie. D

E. I

Answer: B

Issue: 15

A customer comes with requested onsite assistance because they’re currently unable to help communicate

with SP

Some sort of. You arrive onsite and connect with the GbE Product LAN. What IP address does one use to

connect with SPA?

A. 128. 221. 1. two hundred and fifty

B. 192. 168. 1. two hundred and fifty

C. 128. 221. 1. 251

Debbie. 192. 168. 1. 251

Option: A

Question: 06

What is that hard-coded Ethernet IP address in the SPB service port for a CX4?

A. 128. 221. 1. 251

M. 128. 122. two. 251

C. 128. 221. 1. two hundred and fifty

D. 128. 122. two. 250

Answer: Some sort of

Question: 17

What software is utilized to assign IP covers when installing an alternative CLARiiON?

A. Unisphere Initialization Electricity

B. Unisphere Server Electricity

C. Unisphere Product Manager

D. Unisphere Clientele

Answer: A

Issue: 18

What is utilized to identify that array when starting the Unisphere Initialization Electricity?

A. Serial amount of the array

M. WWN seed in the SPE

C. IP address in the service port

Debbie. Serial number in the management module

Option: A

Question: nineteen

You are applying Unisphere security for a CX4 CLARiiON using FLARE 30. The shopper has

requested that each one certificates be checked when naviseccli is utilized.

What level with certificate validation will do EMC recommend end up set for naviseccli?

Some sort of. Medium

B. Excessive

C. Low

Debbie. Ignore

Answer: Some sort of

Question: 20

What does some sort of security scope of just one represent when used in combination with naviseccli?

A. Nearby

B. Replication

J. Global


Option: A