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E Cigarettes: An Alternative to Smoking

It is a fact that about 40 million Americans know that smoking is bad to their health, but still they do it. It is a fact, from numerous compiled health reports, that 1 death in 5 cases in the United States is caused by smoking. The good thing about these facts that 70 percent of the 40 million are planning to quit smoking. Due to the sudden change in the federal cigarette tax, at least 10 percent of smokers have stopped smoking. These two facts are the main reasons why the decrease happened, cigarettes price increase and electronic cigarettes on the market.

Popular e cigarettes like the Smoko the best e cigarette offers the same effects of smoking yet better health performance effect to the human body. The first e cigarette developed came from China. You may conduct lab tests but you will not find any tobacco content from e cigarettes. E cigarettes’ liquid component is boiled by the device and not burned as like regular cigarettes. Vapes and e cigarettes are similar due to the fact that the vapor is the result of the boiling effect in the chamber.

The goal of this article is to help you understand why the best e cigarettes in the market are now the best thing compared to smoking. Here are the following list of benefits you get from this piece.

Lighter fluids are not necessary anymore. It is not a requirement to bring lighter fluids every day. Only lithium batteries can light your e cigarettes. Inside the chamber of the e cigarette, a puff will cause the liquid inside it to vaporize. One benefit is you will not create fires.
Free from tobacco. It gives the same feeling of smoking a cigarette minus the bad effects.

The American Lung Association have confirmed that a regular cigarette has 7,000 confirmed chemicals, 67 of which are carcinogenic.

There is a reason why cigarette companies have their sales decreased in last few years. We know now that the main reason why it happened because of the constant regulation of regular cigarettes through several federal laws. E-cigarettes have been around for years, but there is no law that is regulating it yet.

Do you realize how much are you going spend on regular cigarettes every day? You get to enjoy the good sensation of smoking an e cigarette without spending much. There is no need to waste a 13% of your income for the whole year to smoking cigarettes. It is easy to resell the parts of the e cigarettes.

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